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Our Story

Posted by Gabrielle Leon on
Summer of 2019, I started doing research on different natural oils that help with hair growth. I’ve always had #longhairgoals and know almost every women out there can relate. Whether its long, healthy or voluminous hair, we’re always looking for some type of hair magic.
I researched for months, ordered a bunch of different oils and started concocting a formula that could achieve all of these hair goals. After months of research and testing different combinations of oils, I finally found something that I loved.
Soon after, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.
It’s been the hardest journey we’ve ever been on but she continues to be the strongest and toughest person I’ve ever encountered in my life.
God works in mysterious ways and I know that this is all happening for a reason. He knew what He was doing, having my hair oil ready just in time for my first client.
Before her first chemo treatment we started applying and massaging my oil into her scalp every day and I was astonished at how much her hair was growing. Within two weeks even with CHEMO, her hair grew!
By the second treatment, her hair started to fall out and soon she was completely bald, but she continued to apply the oil into her scalp and still her hair was growing back, fast and healthy!
My mom is still on her journey, fighting every day to be stronger. I’m so grateful to be able to have done this research to help her and thankful that I created a product that actually works. I started this company to achieve my hair goals but now I’m able to help my mom & other people struggling with the same hair problems and concerns. Once my friends and family saw the results, everyone wanted a bottle. This is how Magic Thirteen was born.
Its named Magic Thirteen because it’s filled with 13 essential oils that enrich your hair and scalp with all the nutrients and vitamins it needs for hair growth and health. Magic Thirteen restores shine, promotes hair growth and seals in moisture. It’s infused with oils such as grapeseed oil, castor oil, tea tree and lavender, all natural oils with proven results on revitalizing your hair.
A portion of all proceeds go to help breast cancer research.