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Our Story

Magic Thirteen is not a haircare brand that started as a fad; it was inspired by the real needs of a woman who had long hair goals and dreams of rich, lustrous, and voluminous hair, but struggled. 


That woman was me. 


After spending years relaxing and exposing my scalp to ingredients that were toxic to my hair’s health, I made a conscious decision to go natural and chemical-free. Acclaimed natural hair products and treatments did little to nothing to restore, strengthen, and improve my hair, so I decided to create my own unique blend – something that could give me the results I needed without chemicals, dyes, or undisclosed toxic ingredients. After months of research, testing, sweat, tears, wrong mixes, and imperfect blends, I finally created something I loved but, more importantly, something that worked! 


This joy was short-lived for me because, soon after, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Reality hit closer to home, and the desire to embrace a more cleaner, chemical-free lifestyle deepened.  Luckily for me, my oil blend was ready - just-in-time for someone whose health meant the world to me. 


Before her first chemotherapy infusion we started applying and massaging the oil into her scalp daily. The results were astonishing and within several weeks, even after the start of chemotherapy, we noticed her hair was healthy, full and growing! 

However, by the second treatment, her hair started to fall out, and soon after she was completely bald, but we did not give up. We doubled our efforts and religiously applied the oil into her scalp. In no time, you could see and feel strands of her hair growing back, fast, and healthy! During time spent at the hospital at weekly treatments nurses,  medical staff and even family and friends saw my mother’s results and wanted to try Magic Thirteen.  Hence, the start of the business. 


Magic Thirteen is thriving not just because my customers love my story, but also because the results show my products actually works. All of our products are 100% natural, all oils are high quality, come directly from the earth, and are sourced in the most sustainable and ethical way.


Another reason why Magic Thirteen gets lots of love is because the brand focuses on giving back to the community. We pledge that with every purchase a portion of the proceeds is donated to help develop a healthier and stronger community for us all.


I am the happiest to say, my mother beat breast cancer and is CANCER FREE ! I’m so grateful that my research has helped her and I am extremely thankful I was able to create a product that achieve the goals of improved hair health. I started this company to achieve my personal hair goals, but now, I’ve been able to help not only my mother but all other people struggling with similar hair problems and concerns.