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Magic 13 is literally magic in a bottle. After a tragic in home quarantine haircut by my bf I was left searching for an all natural product to fix his mistake. A friend recommended Magic 13 to me and in a week I could see the difference. Not only was the missing patch of hair growing back but my hair was a lot more healthier and super shiny. I’m a customer for life, trust me you won’t regret buying this heaven in a bottle. 

- Hector R.

As I went through my journey with breast cancer I lost all of my hair. Daily, I massaged Magic Thirteen on my scalp. Within weeks I felt soft textured growth. The oil absorbs into your hair and smells amazing. I love it!!

- Ana B. 

My journey with Magic Thirteen has been just that, magical! I decided to try this product because I have had extreme difficulties with hair growth ever since I had my daughter. I’ve tried everything you can possibly think of and this oil has been the only real deal I’ve come across! I started my journey with Magic Thirteen in May and I can say I’ve gotten an inch of hair growth faithfully every month since. I have never had my hair grow this quickly and I look forward to continuing my magical journey! 

- Aileen M. 

Healthy dreadlocks are unattainable without the right care and maintenance. Magic Thirteen has been monumental in the growth and health of my dreads. It’s addressed all my concerns when it comes to using the proper oils that will have the right smell, moisturizing qualities, and overall consistency I was looking for.

- Joshua W. 

Consistently using Magic Thirteen has truly been a blessing! I never found anything to treat my dandruff, but I was able to see a change after using this for about 2 months. The oil isn’t heavy and it’s also helped my daughters hair grow tremendously. 

- Jasmin D.

Magic Thirteen is definitely a staple in my hair care regimen. Not only is the product all natural, the oil is lightweight and smells amazing. My hair has grown tremendously after using it for only 2 months! 

- Kesia H.